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Semi-Potato Midnight Siege - TEKKEN 8

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Uploaded at February 10, 2024 Updated at February 25, 2024 2,237 views 1,038 downloads

Semi-Potato Midnight Siege - TEKKEN 8

Removes the exploding building, tanks, soldiers, helicopter and some neighboring building who would put bombs in a wall where there's nothing behind it lol

V1 update: Removed alot of debris when the wall explodes and alot more background stuff removed for extra performance.

My Semi-potato stages still shows the aesthetic side of the stages while playing, if these mods are still slow for you. You might want to consider CDDTReborn's super-potato mods here Tekken 8 Potato Stages v2Tekken 8 Potato Stages v2

Do you like it? Maybe you can give me a little support for doing mods for free. This is optional only, my work will still be free to get though supporting me will help thx <3. Support me here on Ko-fi: Click here to my profile :)Click here to my profile :)

INSTALLATION: Extract the 7zip file and paste the pak, ucas, and utoc file to TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\Mods just put the mod in the Mods folder. WARNING: PUTTING A MOD IN ~mods WILL GIVE A FATAL ERROR

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