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Tekken 8 - Original Iconic Lili Outfit

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Uploaded at February 11, 2024 Updated at February 11, 2024 9,008 views 1,614 downloads

Tekken 8 - Original Iconic Lili Outfit

Everyone's favourite Lili outfit, now for Tekken 8!

Remastered to fit Tekken 8's visual fidelity.

Replaces TK8 Style (Alternate B), not recolorable.

Long nails version available too.

How to install:

1 - Download either lili_old or lili_old_long_nails depending on your preference. (You can only have one at a time!)

2 - Unzip and place the 3 files in your Mods folder: (TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\Mods)

3 - Enjoy!!!

This mod is NOT official content, and has no affiliation to Bandai Namco Entertainment.

And for the curious people, here is Tekken7's model VS my edit.

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