Tekken 8 Potato Stages v2

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Uploaded at February 13, 2024 Updated at February 14, 2024 21,549 views 5,492 downloads

Tekken 8 Potato Stages v2

This mod is a more practical version of my previous release of potato stages and includes the following stages:

** If you had version 1 installed, please delete to avoid any stage conflicts **

Arena Arena Underground Urban Square Urban Square Evening Yakushima Colosseum Final Battle Spirit World Asteroid Stage River Boat Mishima Dojo

If running into a fatal error, please check to see if you are using "~mods" or any name with the "~". If so, please remove it and lmk if the error or crash continues to occur.

  • Stages that had partial walls are removed for now.
  • Stages are put into individual folders so you can load them at your leisure
  • Included my mod on-and-off bat file
  • I'm still working on the other stages so look out for v3.

Message from the Modder: Thank you all for the comments and feedback. I'm just going to clear up a few things. 1. These mods are made on my way to figuring out how to make fully custom stages which require me to make the stages as naked as possible but still functional. I am releasing these along my journey to that end goal because I feel it may help some. Believe me, as soon as I can get to floor wall stages they will be released and the process shared. 2. T8 has much more nuanced stuff for modders than T7 but the community is learning and learning fast. We are still mostly in the discovery phase of modding in T8 but way further ahead than we were with T7 modding. 3. This mod is aimed to allow for use while v1 was just a general performance test. 4. I am open to constructive feedback but not negative criticism. I know that may sound "elitist" or "narcissistic" but the mods I release for free were made for me for testing or personal interest; I'm just sharing them in case others may appreciate or enjoy them as well. If you want more creative control I will be opening up commissions again once modding tech is ironed out. If you become a client I am all about customer satisfaction.

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