Semi-Potato Stages Pack - TEKKEN 8

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Uploaded at February 24, 2024 11,495 views 3,874 downloads

Semi-Potato Stages Pack - TEKKEN 8

Finally a complete package of the semi-potato stages, I had fun doing this since I haven't done any stage mods in tekken 7. I hope you guys like it maybe hit me up with some commissions or maybe just buy me some coffee. Anyhow, thanks for the support and for those who kept waiting for the releases. I will update this and the individual mods if there's any gamebreaking things I didn't notice and pls comment on my mods if you do get one.

My Semi-potato stages still shows the aesthetic side of the stages while playing, if these mods are still slow for you. You might want to consider CDDTReborn's super-potato mods here Tekken 8 Potato Stages v2Tekken 8 Potato Stages v2

Do you like it? Maybe you can give me a little support for doing mods for free. This is optional only, my work will still be free to get though supporting me will help thx <3. Support me here on Ko-fi: Click here to my profile :)Click here to my profile :)

INSTALLATION: Extract the 7zip file and paste the pak, ucas, and utoc file to TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\Mods just put the mod in the Mods folder. WARNING: PUTTING A MOD IN ~mods WILL GIVE A FATAL ERROR