Buffed Devil

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Uploaded at February 21, 2021 5,108 views 650 downloads

Buffed Devil

Requirements: -Latest steam version of Tekken 7 -Latest version of kilo's "TekkenMovesetExtractor"

Link to Kilo's tool: https://github.com/Kiloutre/TekkenMovesetExtractor/releases

Here's a tutorial on how to use Kilo's tool by "I AM OP" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF2UEWWShTs

Mod showcase: https://youtu.be/3S4fRLKcGpA

How to install: -Extract Kazuya using kilo's tool (if you haven't extracted him before) -Replace JSON file in the "..\TekkenMovesetExtractor\extracted_chars\t7_KAZUYA\" -I suggest to rename this entire folder to something else like "t7_BUFFED_DEVIL" or anything like that -Import to P1

Changes: - b+1, 1+2! (new string) - d/f+3, 2, 3! (new string) - 3, 1, 2! (new string) - d/f+2, 1, 4! (new string) - d/f+2, 1, 3 (new string) - d/f+2, 1, 2 [from story mode] - f+1+2 [from story mode] - d/b+1+2 [from story mode] - CD+4,4,1 [from story mode] - d/f+4 now has same properties as ws4 (-3 ob, +8 oh) - Rage Drive has lesser pushback to make it a launcher - Rage Art has no devil de-transformation - Kazuya permenantly stays in devil form

Note: ! means screw attack May add more strings in the future to expand his combo routes. Do Enjoy ^_^