UI - Sidestep & Throw Break HUD

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Uploaded at March 2, 2024 Updated at March 4, 2024 17,281 views 4,649 downloads

UI - Sidestep & Throw Break HUD

Adds recommended sidestep and throw breaks against every character. Made to help make learning easier. This mod will be updated from time to time as more information is gathered.

Take note there will be some inconsistencies because all character have some moves that tracks to their weak side. So still need to lab against them if you truly want to be good in sidestepping (And throw breaking).

SSL: Sidestep to the left side of your character when you're fighting a character with this label SSR: Sidestep to the right side of your character when you're fighting a character with this label


V1 - Initial version - Changed all character panel - Added All and Separated version

Installation steps

  • Download your preferred mod version
    • All: Left and right assets in 1 file,
    • Separated: Left and right assets are separated in 2 files (Useful if you only need to add the mod for just 1 side)
  • Go to Tekken 8 Paks folder (Usually "\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\")
  • Go to "Mods" folder (If you don't have it yet, create the folder)
  • Copy the mod files to "Mods" folder
  • Have fun learning sidestep and throw breaks!

Message me if you somehow really need attribution.


  • MartialST for being the modding companion for this mod
  • Noiteee for in-game font information
  • Kyuupa for throw break list
  • MomentarySolace for the recommended sidestep list


Other Mods By Me https://tekkenmods.com/user/30425/hnzwayorahttps://tekkenmods.com/user/30425/hnzwayora Original Sidestep Post https://www.reddit.com/r/Tekken/comments/1aqm5ti/i_remade_sidestep_chart_adding_the_newcomers_from/https://www.reddit.com/r/Tekken/comments/1aqm5ti/i_remade_sidestep_chart_adding_the_newcomers_from/

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