Momiji Mod for Jun/Asuka (UPDATED)

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Uploaded at March 7, 2024 Updated at May 2, 2024 10,407 views 1,457 downloads

Momiji Mod for Jun/Asuka (UPDATED)

Momiji from Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive. Mod for Jun/Asuka. This May 2024 Update includes some fixes, more outfits and her Naginata.

Installation and Usage:

Create a subfolder named 'momiji_mod' (or whatever you want to name it) into your Mod (not ~mods) folder

Copy all the files (.pak/.ucas/.utoc) from '1-Mod Base' folder to that folder Go to the '2-Mod Enabler' folder and choose one of the two options (A or B) to copy the (.pak/.ucas/.utoc) files to the same folder.

A-Customization Items: replaces one of the full head items and almost all full body slots (visible neck seam when equipping with default character face). Naginata accessory item is replaced with her own Naginata. B-Character Presets: replaces Preset 3 with her Default appearance. For Preset 4 you need pick one of the four available alternate skins (due limitations with the number of available character preset slots)

Anyway you are free to use A and B options together if you wish to do that.

P.S.: Mod is not colorable


If you make a video using this mod, let me know.

Momiji (C) Koei Tecmo/Team Ninja

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