Tranquility: No Stress Hud Modifier for Tekken 8 (v.1.2.0)

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Uploaded at March 9, 2024 Updated at March 12, 2024 12,200 views 994 downloads

Tranquility: No Stress Hud Modifier for Tekken 8 (v.1.2.0)

WARNING: This mod is made for UE4SS 3.0.1, do not use this with older version of UE4SS!

Release Notes


  • Added a config.lua file.
  • Added an option to hide Win Streaks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Panels were not positioned correctly by default if Player Ranks were disabled.
  • Removed leftover Debug code.


  • Added a disable all toggle.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ghost Icon would show in a Ghost Match if Streamer Mode was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where "Hide Player Panels" was not working as intended.


  • Added an option to hide the Progress Bar.
  • Added an option to hide Rank Notice Texts.
  • Adjusted Streamer Mode to show the Player Character's name.


  • Initial Release


Originally written for TekkenCore, an extension for Tekken 8 that aims to add quality-of-life features, Tranquility is all of the no-stress stuff of that mod bundled into one massive Lua script.

Now with a handful of new features!

  • Player Data and information on the loading screen can be hidden!
  • Rank Progress Bar can be hidden!
  • Promotion Text can be hidden!
  • Streamer Mode replaces Player Names with Character Names!
  • Ranks can be hidden!
  • Player Plates can be hidden!
  • Tekken Power can be hidden!

Changes take effect right when the game is loading into a match, this example demonstrates Ranks being disabled and Streamer Mode enabled, which replaces Player Names with the names of the actual player characters.

Here's another example with Streamer Mode and Ranks disabled. Streamer Mode will give the game a versus-style HUD layout. Additionally, with ranks disabled the in-game panels are slightly adjusted to fit better with the HUD.

This example shows not only Streamer Mode again but also the Progress Bar disabling feature. With the Progress Bar hidden, you don't see changes in your rank points. Additionally, Streamer Mode also affects the rematch menu!

Adjusting Settings

Tranquility has many setting options that can be adjusted. To adjust settings, open up config.lua located in the TekkenTranquility scripts folder.


  • Download UE4SS_v3.0.1 from herehere.
  • Place the contents of UE4SS in <steamapps>\common\TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Binaries\Win64
  • Download the latest release of Tranquility here or on GitHubGitHub.
  • Extract the contents of the release in: <steamapps>\common\TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Binaries\Win64\Mods
  • Check to make sure the above folder path has a folder called TekkenTranquility
  • Update your mods.txt to include TekkenTranquility : 1 (can be anywhere in the mods.txt)
  • Launch the game.


If you previously had an older version of UE4SS: Delete all the files related to that version of UE4SS and install UE4SS v3.0.1.

If UE4SS fails to hook: Click the "Restart All Mods" button in the UE4SS console.

If UE4SS is crashing when you're pressing "Restart All Mods" Go to your mods.txt and set BPModLoaderMod to 0.

If your UE4SS window is blank Open up UE4SS-settings.ini located in your Binaries and set GraphicsAPI to dx11.

If you previously installed TekkenCore: Uninstall TekkenCore, Tranquility may cause problems with TekkenCore so it's best to have it uninstalled.

Please let me know if you have any additional issues with this mod.

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