(OUTDATED) Mokujin Costume for everyone

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Uploaded at February 24, 2021 Updated at December 8, 2022 8,168 views 1,783 downloads

(OUTDATED) Mokujin Costume for everyone

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Mokujin for everyone except Bears, Gigas, and Jack-7. I will update the mod once I get it working on Marduk,fahk, and kazuya The chains go wonky when your fps ingame is unstable and chains detaches on some characters mostly on girls due to their small bodies. also I made negan and noctis as a separate mod file since I removed their main heads so that their heads doesn't go under mokujin's head. This took me a long time to make I hope you guys liked it.

First of all Akuma and Geese uses the player 2 slot on the character select screen and doesn't need to be changed in customization. Noctis uses the Choco-mog full body outfit and he doesn't need a full head customization. Negan uses Karate top for upper and Karate bottom for the lower he also doesn't need a full head customization. For the full head customization pick the Caricature Heihachi face mask for all characters Male characters uses Merry fundoshi for the full body customization. Shaheen, Bob and Leo uses Christmas outfit for the Full body customization. Female characters uses Santa outfit for Full body customization.

Installation: Extract the 7zip file and paste the mod to TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods

BIG thanks again to BobbyMorduq for helping me with the mod, on blender, physics and much more also thanks to the guys who helped me on Modding Zaibatsu discord server.