Bury the Light "Dynamic" Climax 1.2 + ALT VER.

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Uploaded at March 12, 2024 Updated at March 15, 2024 2,414 views 637 downloads

Bury the Light "Dynamic" Climax 1.2 + ALT VER.

Love this cool song

Similar to how in DMC 5 the song changes depending on your rank. I wanted to try my best to recreate that using the two songs per arena Normal and Climax

Normal (Ranks D-B) Replace Synthetic Pulse / TEKKEN 5 Climax (Ranks A-SSS, The hype part) Replace Orge/ True Orge (Console ver.) / TEKKEN 3

And yes I will do this for and the other DMC 5 OSTs (Even Dantes, I actually like that one) ******D2 Ver 1.2 Alright, so now it should be fixed********

NEW ALT VER. Normal replaces Ling Xiaoyu (Console ver.) / TEKKEN 3

Any requests to change the replacement will be ignored. The bury the light ALT was a one time thing due to Ground funk zero being a popular sound mod.


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