Raven Skin Tone + Eliza tattoos for female chars

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By Flake

Uploaded February 25th, 2021



Original DA description:

UPDATED 21/4/2020: Fixed the crashing for patch 3.30 (working on 3.31) UPDATED 13/12/2019: Fixed the crashing for patch 3.10

Pretty self explanatory, it will change every single female character's skin tone to Raven while adding Eliza's tattoos. Originally this was just a way for me to fix skin tone not matching on swap outfit mods while keeping raven intact since she's one of my mains. However after messing around with an already existing mod that gave everyone Eliza's skin tone I figured out a way to change everyone to look like Raven while still keeping Eliza's tattoos. So here we are I guess lol.

Disclaimer: Zafina will NOT have the skin tone change, because of her unique left hand modding her skin tone is almost impossible, she will remain with her default skin tone. Some characters will have Raven's shoulder tattoo on both shoulders. Why? Iunno, Tekken Modding I guess?

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February 25th, 2021 @ 01:44:17 PM



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