King Of Beasts (Over-Tuned King)

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Uploaded at March 16, 2024 Updated at March 16, 2024 1,944 views 171 downloads

King Of Beasts (Over-Tuned King)

Hi! This move-set was to have been released like 4 months ago as I was done with it but some stuff came up (And then Tekken 8 happened lmao) but it gave me time to add in some more stuff that I thought would be neat and iron out some things with the move-set. This King move-set is just... jam-packed with a lot of stuff so I'm just going to list some general stuff that it has and you can look at the showcase video on my Odysee and the move-set notes in the actual file of the mod for more details and knitty stuff like that. Play against this move-set if you want to completely destroy your controller real quick lmao.

General Stuff:

  • Beast Mode is an access state where King gets some extra strong moves by doing certain grabs and/or moves during combos; he is much scarier in this state with some grabs being much harder to break and high damaging launchers that are completely safe
  • More grabs and chain grabs; a lot are spliced and put together from other move-sets and I think they fit really well with King; also added in some backturned airborne grabs which I think look nice
  • Knees.... Knees Lots of knees; how many knees do you want? A: Yes
  • 2 Chain throw starters are unbreakable; his B1+2 is one of that; yes it now has a chain throw in it
  • Blue spark grabs
  • Attacks that assure free grab attempts on CH
  • Crazy Combos
  • Old grabs and moves from T6 and older games

There's more in the move-set which I hope you like! Spent a lottt of time on it and had a ton of fun with it; hope you enjoy this ridiculously broken version of King; Enjoy! Showcase Video:

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