Runfalcon For Most of the Girls

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Uploaded at March 21, 2024 Updated at March 21, 2024 6,039 views 663 downloads

Runfalcon For Most of the Girls


Replace the T shirt, Slacks, Wingtip shoes (For Leo), and Heels for:

Azucena Asuka Nina Reina Lili Xiayou Jun Leo

The Pants and Jeans in the screenshots are not included in the mod, they are from other mods not released yet.

Skin mods used:

Notes/ Instructions

TO INSTALL THE MODS: Go to your Tekken 8 install directory (\TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks)Take the mod you downloaded and EXTRACT THE ZIP/ Rar Place BOTH the .pak, .ucas, and .utoc files into your Paks folder

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