Summer Bonanza (Xiaoyu)

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Uploaded at March 25, 2024 Updated at March 25, 2024 7,831 views 1,046 downloads

Summer Bonanza (Xiaoyu)

"Summer is upon us, and it's time to hit the beach to feel the cool breeze"

This mod was commissioned by Legendofthewind22, they have given me permission to make this mod publicly available to the Tekken community. Please thank them for this opportunity to hopefully enjoy the mod!

This mod IS NOT AFFILIATED or an official product of Bandai Namco Entertainment! This is a fan-made project to dedicate the passion and love for the TEKKEN.

How to install the mod:

  • Simply navigate to this folder directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\
  • Create a new folder called Mods.
  • Append all of the assets from the archive into the new Mods folder.

Equipping the mod:

  • Simply head into the "Character Customization" mode and choose Xiaoyu.
  • Select the "Clothes" option and navigate to the "Entire Body" category.
  • If you have installed everything correctly, the "TK8 Style (Alternative A)" outfit should be replaced with the newly modded outfit.


snak64snak64 - Custom 3D Model from the Summer Bonanza mod for KOFXVSummer Bonanza mod for KOFXV


Please DO NOT REHOST OR REPACKAGE this mod on other platforms without my given consent/permission. Instead, please link the mod to this exact page to ensure people have the latest revisions of the mod. This mod is NOT TO BE SOLD as a standalone item or to be part of a bundle. If you have paid for this mod for any of the things I've mentioned, you have been scammed and should demand your money back immediately.

This mod permits users to:
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