Helper (The Venture Bros.) - Alisa - Tekken 8

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Uploaded at March 28, 2024 Updated at March 28, 2024 2,623 views 136 downloads

Helper (The Venture Bros.) - Alisa - Tekken 8

Replaces Alisa's TK8 Style (Alternate A), not recolorable. Invisible head replaces Alisa's G-Corp Helmet in Full-Head section. Voice mod also included as an option.

Needed an excuse to play Alisa, so I decided to make this, and since it looks cute, I might as well share it.

Model found herehere Textured by me (and Substance Painter)

How to install:

1 - Download fertexhid_ali_helper and fertexhid_ali_helper_voice_1000_P (Voice is optional)

2 - Place all the files in your Mods folder: (TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\Mods)

3 - Enjoy!!!

This mod is NOT official content, and has no affiliation to Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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