Boobs for Leo V2

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Uploaded at April 2, 2024 Updated at April 5, 2024 4,734 views 770 downloads

Boobs for Leo V2

Gives Leo boobs and jiggle physics for her Tk8 style Alt B costume. Comes with small, medium, and large sizes.

Also available for download is a Tk8 Default (jacket) version that Lilotty created for me as a commission . ***However, ***this one lacks physics for the jacket and the boobs, and the straps on Leo's jacket have also been deleted. I would like to make my own version of the jacket with boobs some day, but at the moment, it seems that there is no way for modders to preserve the original physics used on costumes, so I am unable to do it for now.

Install in TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\LogicMods

Size comparison for my mod:

Changelog V2 Made my own version of the Alt B mod, which: -Adds jiggle physics -Fixes the neck seam -Very slightly adjusts waist to be more feminine -Comes with size variations

/ Please note that the "this mod permits users to" section applies to my mod, not the ones made by Lilotty /

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