Zafina Skin Tone + Tattoos for females

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By Flake

Uploaded February 25th, 2021



Original DA description:

Changes every female character's skin tone to Zafina's, along with Eliza's and Raven's tattoos This took way too much time to do as Zafina's skin tone cause all sorts of weird glitches when applying her skin to others.

Disclaimer: For this to work properly I had to do "clean" some outfits. Essentially some outfits have special files for their skin and this was causing issues with Zafina's skin tone so I had to change them.

Every single Santa swimsuit outfit had to be cleaned, they either had weird black spots on them or were a completely different tone. Julia's Nature outfit had to be completely cleaned.

Anna's python outfit had to be cleaned of her rose tattoos.

Eliza's Vamp Bikini had an issue on her hands.

There is an issue with Lucky Chloe's No Top option and barefoot option where she has these weird black spots under her armpits and legs that I haven't been able to fix.

Katarina had some issues in 2 of her swimsuits that have been fixed.

Here's a link with the affected outfits I've mentioned (no Katarina picture, cant be bothered to "unfix" it)

Note: The screenshots were taken with an edited version of the Zafina Skin tone + Tattoos that wont be available for download as I used part of a mod that doesn't belong to me. The available version will have Ravens tattoo on the left shoulder.

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By Flake


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February 25th, 2021 @ 05:20:42 PM



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