FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - Collapsed Expressway (Battle) OST

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Uploaded at April 7, 2024 Updated at April 9, 2024 1,020 views 148 downloads

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - Collapsed Expressway (Battle) OST

This is the battle version of Collapsed Expressway in both Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth.

Replaces : Calm Beginning / TEKKEN 6

Place FF7_HighFive_P.pak inside "TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\mods" folder


Let me know if I should add any other tracks from the Final Fantasy series or leave requests in the comments and I will consider making them!

UPDATE FF7_HighFive_Fixed_P.pak added

I have created another file (FF7_HighFive_Fixed_P.pak) which has a lower volume, I will leave the original up as well. The original file sounds fine to me but some people said it was too loud. Let me know how they sound!

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