Tekken 8 Reverse Proxy Client - Open Beta Test

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Tekken 8 Reverse Proxy Client - Open Beta Test

This is one of the many things I've written in the last 7 days regarding Tekken 8's networking, a reverse proxy client that allows you to connect via TekkenMods servers instead of the Google cloud servers that Namco uses.

This also allows for players from Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria to be able to connect and play the game as TekkenMods acts as an intermediary between the client, bamco's comsos API and google's cloud servers since google is blocking those countries. Another thing that the proxy server helps is with finding more matches, at least from personal experiments and what other testers reported to me so if you're idling in ranked for awhile and you can't find any matches it's worth trying the client

Countries banned by google cloud are unable to access the tekken lounge but it sucks so consider that a pro than a con but hey you can now access ranked, quick matches and player matches

I am looking for server providers that offer servers in the following countries:

  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • United Arab Emirates

Right now I got proxy servers hosted in:

  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • India

I'll expand to more servers from different countries as the demand grows

If you know of a server provider or know a guy who might know a guy then let me know, all of the providers I looked up on google so far were shady and unreliable

thanks Vultr for the free 200 credits that'll expire at the end of this month

Setting Up

Open Notepad as an administrator and navigate to C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc and open the hosts file.

Add these lines to the file: cosmos.channel.or.jp polaris.cosmos.channel.or.jp

Save the file and close notepad

Then download and install Python if you don't have it already, any version above 3.9 should work but Python 3.11 is recommendedPython 3.11 is recommended.

After that, go to your settings pagesettings page and in the Experimental tab, click on Create token then click on the copy button next to the token name.

Extract proxy-server.zip to some folder and open settings.json with notepad, you will need to set auth_token with the token you generated in the settings page:

    "auth_token": "PASTE_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"

Save settings.json

Finally, run proxy-server.bat by right clicking on it and running it as an administrator. It will install a couple of python packages when you run it for the first time, if all went well you should see this:

Starting reverse proxy server on port 443...

Open the game and enjoy.

Here's an invite link for a discord server dedicated for the reverse proxy: https://discord.gg/zUA7pbd2Vhhttps://discord.gg/zUA7pbd2Vh


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