Imyourfather Announcer Tekken 8

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Uploaded at April 15, 2024 Updated at May 15, 2024 3,069 views 629 downloads

Imyourfather Announcer Tekken 8

lmyourfather Announcer mod for Tekken 8 heavily inspired by the Original Tekken 7 mod created by TReXx, big thanks for providing the sounds.

Place lmyourfather_V1.12_P.pak inside "TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\mods" folder

Imyourfather Announcer Mod Tekken 8Imyourfather Announcer Mod Tekken 8

Original Tekken 7 mod by TReXxOriginal Tekken 7 mod by TReXx

Fathers ReactionFathers Reaction 😂

Announcements that got replaced: KO Heat Burst Rage Art More voice lines added to Lee Chaolan rage art Critical health Final Round Perfect Great You win - "Excellent tech, Lee so OP" You lose Startup menu screen (vrvr hi) End of Heat Smash

V1.1 / 1.11 Acid Rain Just Input Mist Trap Just Input Slow Motion Sound Effect Rage art - Father now says "hahaha marvelous" at end of Lee Chaolan rage art

V1.12 Removed Acid Rain Just Input Removed Mist Trap Just Input Lowered volume of Rage Art

Character Select: Asuka Hwoarang Jin Kazuya Paul Lee King

I will keep updating this mod, let me know how it sounds and what else I should add.

4/15/2024 V1 4/15/2024 V1.1 4/19/2024 V1.11 5/15/2024 V1.12 Old files will stay up

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