NecDaz's T8 Female Feet Overhaul

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Uploaded at April 16, 2024 Updated at April 26, 2024 9,914 views 812 downloads

NecDaz's T8 Female Feet Overhaul

An overhaul mod sculpted by NecDaz91 for the female feet to make it much more appealing to look at, the difference is quite noticeable I can assure you :) Once you have it you'll never want to go back to the default feet haha; also includes nail polish that is colorable in customization mode. Feel free to adapt the feet into whatever outfit mods that you may create!

Update!: - Includes 2 different types of long nails that are colorable: Almond (Sharp) and Long (Blunt/Flat Nails) - Also now supports both of the sandal options and Ankle Guards



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