Limbus Company (Canto) / Library of Ruina (Kether)

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Limbus Company (Canto) / Library of Ruina (Kether)

Apologies in being a month late in advance Per request Hopefully I can accommodate future requests

Canto IV Battle Theme C1Canto IV Battle Theme C1( Canto IV Battle Theme C1) - Xiaoyu Stage (Console ver.) / TEKKEN TAG
Canto I Battle Theme C1Canto I Battle Theme C1 - Staff Roll (Arcade ver.) / TEKKEN TAG Canto I Battle Theme A1Canto I Battle Theme A1 - Hideaway 1st / TEKKEN 7 Kether battle 3Kether battle 3 - Into Nirvana / TEKKEN 5
Kether battle 2Kether battle 2 - Dust Comp / TEKKEN 6
Kether battle 1Kether battle 1 - Hideaway 2nd / TEKKEN 7

Install it by placing the .pak file to your ~mods (Not Logicmods) folder located in TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks.

If mod doesn't work, rename the folder "Mods" to "~mods" OR add the "_P" at the end of the file name.

More to come


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