Marvel Vs. Capcom OST- MVC1/MVC3 Character Theme Pack

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Uploaded at May 10, 2024 Updated at May 11, 2024 579 views 185 downloads

Marvel Vs. Capcom OST- MVC1/MVC3 Character Theme Pack

A pack of themes I chose from MVC1 and MVC3, Mostly Marvel for now. will update later with more character themes

Looping on these tracks are nearly perfect to some degree( Some MVC1 and MVC3 characters were easy but some were tricky to loop(Cap. America)

MVC1 Themes Cap. Commando(Italy (arcade) Tekken 1) Gambit(Paul Phoenix, Tekken 2) Venom(Mid Boss, Tekken 2) Zangief(Kinder Gym 1st Tekken 7) Onslaught1st(Staff Roll(Console) Tekken 1) Onslaught2nd(Go! Go! Go!, Tekken 2 Ryu( Law Stage(Arcade) Tekken Tag 1) Wolverine(Streets, Tekken5)

MVC3 Themes Vergil(Yun, Tekken Tag 2) Spiderman(Dust Comp, Tekken 6) Cap. America(Who is it, Tekken 7) Hawkeye(Distorter 2nd, Tekken 7) Phoenix Wright(Kitsch Tekken 4) Turnabout Phoenix(Volcano 1st Tekken7) Amaterasu(Dojo 2nd, Tekken7) Akuma(Chicago(Console Vers) Tekken 1) Wesker(Precipice of Fate2nd, Tekken7 Morrigan(Never-Ending, Tekken 6) She-Hulk(Lei Stage(Arcade) Tekken Tag 1) Galactus(Ending, Tekken2)

Update 1(Added Phoenix Wright and Zangief) Update2(Added Galactus,Onslaught, She-Hulk, Wolverine, Akuma, Amaterasu, Wesker, Ryu, and Morrigan)

Put the files into your ~mods folder/ LogicMods (TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks)

Add _P if LogicMods is preferred mod folder