1andOnlyRage - TEKKEN 8 ANNOUNCER MOD - (Comedy / Humor)

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Uploaded at May 15, 2024 Updated at May 15, 2024 2,712 views 28 downloads

1andOnlyRage - TEKKEN 8 ANNOUNCER MOD - (Comedy / Humor)

Place inside: Steam>SteamApps>Common>TEKKEN8>Polaris>Content>Paks>Mods If your mods folder doesn't exist, just create one and you're good to go!

1andOnlyRage Announcer Mod! Based off the Twitch Streamer 1andOnlyRage

We were watching him stream TEKKEN 8 Ranked for the first time recently, and some of the clips we got were too golden NOT to mod into the game itself. This mod replaces all Character Select Sounds, Game Start Sound, as well as all In Game sound effects. Round Start sounds up to Round 9, KO, Slow-Mo, Rage Art, Heat, etc. Consider checking out our friend's Twitch stream if you find this mod entertaining! https://www.twitch.tv/1andonlyrage

**This mod is STREAM SAFE! ** Contains some swearing


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