Tekken 7 Hammerhead 1st & 2nd

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Uploaded at June 2, 2024 Updated at June 2, 2024 887 views 93 downloads

Tekken 7 Hammerhead 1st & 2nd


Adds the 1st and 2nd tracks of the Hammerhead stage from Tekken 7.

Some minor changes were made to match the duration of the audios being replaced, and to create a perfect loop.

Video with both audios are available for you to listen.

Music Replacement

Hammerhead 1st (Stand Your Ground): Replaces Sadistic Xmas / TEKKEN TAG 2 Hammerhead 2nd (APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS Remix): Replaces No Easy Way Out / TEKKEN REVOLUTION


Place the pak file in <Your Tekken 8 Directory>\Polaris\Content\Paks\Mods


Leave a comment or find me on Discord: @corkgp

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