Changed Claudio - All Versions (V1 to V9)

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Uploaded at June 8, 2024 Updated at June 9, 2024 238 views 22 downloads

Changed Claudio - All Versions (V1 to V9)

"Changed Claudio" is a moveset mod that aims to rework Claudio's entire playstyle and movelist

You'll need:

Drag and drop the desired version into the "extracted_chars" folder. If said folder is not present, you can either make it yourself or launch TekkenMovesetExtractor to make it auto-generate.

Would appreciate credit if this mod were to be showcased in videos. Making these takes time.


This pack of mods is a previous project of mine that was started all the way back when I was a newbie at modding, and that ended a little after Tekken 8 was released. Each new version represents a major update to the mod (see each version as a balance patch), as well as it highlights my evolution within modding. I decided to include every version to showcase my journey, as well as I think it's fun to see the evolution of the mod and all the different ideas that had been toyed with.

Note that I cannot guarantee the stability of the earliest versions, as some of these versions were created during different Tekken 7 patches. I was also very new and way worse at modding during the earlier versions of this mod.

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