Buffed Kazuya Mishima

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Uploaded at June 9, 2024 Updated at June 11, 2024 936 views 53 downloads

Buffed Kazuya Mishima

"Buffed Kazuya Mishima" is a mod meant to address issues often brought up by players pre patch 1.05 For demonstration of changes, refer to these links: https://x.com/brainzzz123/status/1798135835034009878 https://x.com/brainzzz123/status/1798405472573096317

Note that the mod has not been fine-tuned or tested extensively. If you happen to find something you think is unintended, feel free to comment about it.

You'll need: https://github.com/LukzB/TekkenMovesetExtractor/releases

Drag and drop the mod into the "extracted_chars" folder. If said folder is not present, you can either make it yourself or launch TekkenMovesetExtractor to make it auto-generate.

Would appreciate credit if this mod were to be showcased in videos. Making these takes time.

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