Kazuya Random SFX Project

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Uploaded at June 10, 2024 Updated at June 13, 2024 499 views 77 downloads

Kazuya Random SFX Project

If you are a fan of the movie Friday an Kazuya you might like this one (You can only pick one at a time of the Rage State, EWGF, Get Ready, Armored and Hit Effect) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjtcZEbAzD0

Kazuya has a bunch of Deebo quotes and different beam sound (Check my EWGF mod for the DBZ sound)

(5:10 onwards plays all sounds below) Get Ready for the next battle has Soluminati Your done sound Get Ready for the next battle has MVC 2 sound

Rage State SFX Rage State has FF8 limit break alert sound Rage State has FF7 limit break alert sound Rage State has Vergil I'm Motivated sound Rage State has MVC2 Hurry Up sound Rage State has DJ AK Focus sound Rage State has House of the Dead 2 Help me sound Rage State has I'm in Danger meme Rage State has MVC2 Danger sound Rage State has This is where the fun begins meme sound Rage State has Craig Get up from Friday

All Mishima's will have this EWGF has Back is Broken meme sound EWGF has Spinal meme sound EWGF has OOF meme sound EWGF has Crash Bandicoot Woah sound EWGF has Naruto Believe it sound EWGF has the Gottem meme sound EWGF has the Gottem meme speech EWGF has Nemesis Stars sound (didnt include in video)

King has the DMX Come On sound (Will get annoying due to how often its heard but still funny imo) Law Rage Art finish end with diahreea Paul "I'll kick your ass" is replaced with Kratos scream Lee Perfect inputs have ahh meme sound Lee Taunt is loud snore meme sound Steve Rocket Launcher attack is Spinal sound

Armored attack has Soluminati Your done meme sound

Calebcity Crunch Sound effect (Numbered from when its played in the video toward 6:43 mark ) HIT EFFECT WHEAAHHELL _P 1 HIT EFFECT BRRRRRHHH_P 2 HIT EFFECT BERRAAAEEEE_P 3 HIT EFFECT UUHHLACKKK_P 4 HIT EFFECT BWAAaaAahHH_P 5 HIT EFFECT OUAHHH_P 6

All done in the spirit of fun

Unzip an put files in your ~mods, Logicmods or mods folder in TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks Put all files from Deebo Kazuya folder in ~mods, Logicmods or mods folder



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