DRAMATIC Devil Jin Voice T8

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Uploaded at June 10, 2024 Updated at June 10, 2024 938 views 163 downloads

DRAMATIC Devil Jin Voice T8

Makes Devil Jin Even More Dramatic Than He Already Is! None of the intro's and outros were touched as I know people use the T7 Laugh Outro mods, same thing goes for the EWGF. DVJ Will Have A lot of Angry Over the Top Voice Lines that were sitting in the game files and probably was from story mode. (especially when he fires a laser) The Rage Art Ender Lines Were all Changed to the Wild Laugh He Does When He does it against Jun. (it works against anyone now)

To Install This Just Simply put the mod in TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\~mods

I made a quick 1 Minute Preview of What He Sounds Like: https://youtu.be/IfRjqOb3VzM

Have A Wonderful Day!


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