Jack X (Ultimate Jack Moveset Mod)

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Jack X (Ultimate Jack Moveset Mod)


Previously DLC Jack, Benadryl Jack

Behold, a project that I spent around half a year making, as a collab between myself and jack enthusiast Headpie. We spitballed some goofy ideas for content and before long the brainrot accumulated into a cohesive, full length creation. They gave me some ideas for moves/routes/reactions they wanted and I went to work. The concept is jack 7, with all of Prototype Jack's moves, the Jack 8 moves we saw from his trailer, and some other nonsense I could come up with that seemed fun and pushed my modding capabilities to the limit. By no means is this finished, balanced or scuff free, but I no longer wish to work on it anymore as tekken 8 is now out and a new terror can be made in that game if anybody so desires to contact me about such an endeavour. That being said some things were tested meticulously and for hours and hours, weeks and weeks.

NOTE: He has some infinites and unlimited EX meter as it's mostly for combo exhibition, though some moves were designed with normal fighting/blocking in mind.

Combo Showcase https://youtube.com/shorts/6zoXWIXWYCQ?si=xkRQMDKeMLHVHUIk



You'll need: https://github.com/Kiloutre/TekkenMovesetExtractor/releas...

Drag and drop the mod into the "extracted_chars" folder. If said folder is not present, you can either make it yourself or launch TekkenMovesetExtractor to make it auto-generate.

Please send me any videos using this mod! It's much appreciated :)

Patch Notes + Move List


Inputs have different timings and the inputs can feel very sensitive sometimes. Learning the different cancels takes a minute but you will have it in no time I'm sure.


I wanted to do even more and refine this and make a trailer, but life really went sideways for me and I was dealing with circumstances affecting my living situation that really made this mod sit on the backburner. Even still I was very passionate about it and put more time into it than anything before.

(Pjack excerpts from wiki) "...his strength exceeds previously developed JACK units. He runs on gasoline." "Prototype Jack despises both Jack and its developers, namely Russia. Recent overwrites of its own CPU has resulted in memory loss, causing Prototype Jack even more grief" "With a cunning memory change, the doctor managed to convince P. Jack that his new body afforded him superior protection to Jack's, despite it being only a hat and sunglasses. " "Having repeated his fighting moves over and over (to such an extent that the doctor disconnected P. Jack's voice box), P. Jack now feels his next encounter with Jack will have a much different conclusion"


Unbeknownst to the rest of the cast, prototype jack, planning to enter the tournament, had arrived at the bottom of the millennium tower right before running out of enough gasoline to walk. After diving off the millennium tower at the end of tekken 7, jack 7 landed on a parked car, spilling gasoline steps away from pjack. Though dormant, he sensed his mortal nemesis meters from him, vulnerable, and the opportunity to refuel and take advantage of this made his gears and old rusted parts lust for revenge so strongly they operated beyond their minimum level. Dragging jack 7 into a mechanic shop he disassembled jack 7 and partially himself, and inserted his brain into jack 7s body. What he didn’t know was that jack 7’s security was far better than expected, and only for brief moments can he take over and use old code, old data, to bend jack7’s body to his will, hacking in and swinging jacks limbs way harder than were calibrated for. The new stance SOFTMOD is pjack gaining control of jack 7s body for a brief moment, downgrading his security and movements to his old erratic powerful ways. Because of his voice being taken away by Doctor Bosconovitch while practicing moves, pjack speaks using a download of the announcers voice held inside jack 7’s memory. Downgrading to Pjack and the change in consciousness causes a surge of electricity, visible in the move. Jane being busy with the creation of jack-8, had no idea that this twisted metal jack was rampant; pjack fighting to be heard and recognized as the strongest while a confused jack 7 becomes accustomed to the turmoil of a split consciousness. Pjack is constantly searching for exploits in jack7’s inner workings, hoping to fully take over. Every waking moment a battle of data transfer is happening, often while in actual combat. Jack 7 senses sometimes that letting pjack take over will win him battles, but not the war (over his body). Also something something... also learning jack 8 moves

Discord: notomachia

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