Long Hair - All Girls

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Uploaded at June 26, 2024 Updated at June 26, 2024 8,000 views 2,375 downloads

Long Hair - All Girls

Brand new hair for all girls!

Colorable and with perfect hair physics, as seen in the preview videopreview video.

-Long Hair replaces Short Bob & Bangs for ALL girls + Leo.

Special thanks to Amaso for the help with the hair physics, and Koenji for helping me make the hair colorable!

How to install:

1 - Download all the necessary files.

2 - Unzip and place all the files in your Mods folder: (TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\Mods)

3 - Enjoy!!!

This mod is NOT official content, and has no affiliation to Bandai Namco Entertainment. This mod is not made to challenge the Tekken Shop, it's just a small passion project by a Tekken and Lili fan. This mod uses 3D Models and Textures that belong to Bandai Namco Entretainment, with edits done by me.

First a Lili preview, since she looks the best with it in my opinion :3

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