Chun Li's Alpha Costume

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Uploaded at June 30, 2024 Updated at July 1, 2024 4,838 views 535 downloads

Chun Li's Alpha Costume

Note: This was a Costume Commission by KazamaRihaz.

Chun Li's Alpha Costume for Jun Kazuma

Fight like it's 1995 with Chun Li’s iconic Alpha fit for Jun!

This mod comes in two variants, a version without the Jacket and a version with the jacket, you can install both or just one, please read the readme.txt that comes with the mod so you know EXACTLY how to install it.

v1 replaces TK8 Style (Alternate B) v2 replaces TK2 Style

Note: Jun's Original TK2 Style Preset can still be used even with this costume installed!

This costume has Full-Colour Customisation, not partial, or broken colours, this is full-colour support for v1 and v2! v1 has 9 colours for you to play around with, whereas v2 has 6 colours!

Go in and make your own colour style!

All textures have been repurposed and reworked for Tekken 8, new stitching, details, and patterns are threaded into each piece of fabric, and dirt textures have been added to provided additional wear and tear as the match goes on over time.

Thanks to these lovely individuals, without these peeps this release wouldn't exist: kazumashirou CDDT Reborn Amaso

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