Tekken 8 - School Uniform Lili

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Uploaded at July 2, 2024 Updated at July 3, 2024 3,331 views 370 downloads

Tekken 8 - School Uniform Lili

Update! - 7/3/2024

-The pattern of the skirt was bothering me, so I did a new version with a different one. Version 1 is more accurate in size to the original, but Version 2's pattern is more uniform along the pleats of the skirt.

Update! - 7/2/2024

-Fixed a bug where the skirt's texture would show extremely blurry. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Lili's School Uniform, now for Tekken 8!

Remastered to fit Tekken 8's visual fidelity.

Separated by parts, and fully colorable, available for Lili only.

-Top replaces Lined Blazer -Skirt replaces Checkered Miniskirt A -Shoes replace Loafers (Knee Socks)

How to install:

1 - Download all the necessary files.

2 - Unzip and place the 3 files in your Mods folder: (TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\Mods)

3 - Enjoy!!!

This mod is NOT official content, and has no affiliation to Bandai Namco Entertainment. This mod is not made to challenge the Tekken Shop, it's just a small passion project by a Tekken and Lili fan. This mod uses 3D Models and Textures that belong to Bandai Namco Entretainment, with edits done by me.

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