Niktastic Honey for Alisa and Zafina

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Niktastic Honey for Alisa and Zafina

I have no control over texture resolution so stop crying about it. If you do not like my work, please ignore this mod and continue browsing.

Thanks Due: These folks have helped me time and again directly or indirectly. Mods for tekken are not possible without them. RebornMods: Materials, guides, workflow, general knowledge Amaso: Physics, troubleshooting and workflow Umin: Techniques and findings. Inspiration Fine: Troubleshooting, general help. Inspiration Salt: Models and Initial releases Peek: Engine, tools and workflow Koenji: Engine, Project, tools Dennis: Website

Its 2x more difficult to mod Alisa now as I need to join 3 different body parts 2 times. and even need to split the donor mesh at her hip and arms to ensure that the clothes do not tear. Here is a test video. I do not know many moves to test her breaking body. Her body breaks at neck, arms, and hip. I don't know how to test her hip.

Video of test mod. Final mod does not have overlapping on the legs:

File(s): Niktastic_Honey_Alisa_Zafina + Legs_pants (download both files if you are using my mods for the first time)

Description: Applies to Alisa, Zafina Known Issues: none with Alisa. Zafina is part of old mod and I left here there.

Installation Directory: TEKKEN 8\Polaris\Content\Paks\mods NOTE: Create a folder with name "mods" inside the Paks folder. Upcoming Mods:

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