KOF94-95 King (Katarina)

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Uploaded at March 14, 2021 Updated at May 6, 2021 7,022 views 1,715 downloads

KOF94-95 King (Katarina)

UPDATED Mar 26, 2021: voice mod volume fix. Thanks to Flake-Mitsu for noticing it. Not your regular King. It's King from The King of Fighters and Art of Fighting series. Katarina only.


Extract and put the zC_LTN_KING_94_95_KOFAS_P.pak and one of the _CST_ .pak files in your Tekken 7 ~mods folder. Each _CST file enables the mod to one full body costume. Use only one of them to avoid this mod conflicting with another mods you have installed. There are variations for DLC costumes (i.e. Chisato Costume or Hikari Costume) and regular ones for who don't have DLC costumes (i.e. Summer Dress or Santa Dress).

Customization Items:

Full Head: Caricature Face Mask (Heihachi) Full Body: Summer Dress or Santa Outfit or Diva Bikini or Takane-Style (Idolmaster) or Hikari Summer School Uniform or Chisato Summer Blouse

Voice mod included (King's KOF XIV voice).

Model dump by BertStrips517.

Big thanks to Wolfe helping with face mesh fix.