Armor Queens (Armor king cosplay for girls)

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Uploaded at March 20, 2021 Updated at January 19, 2022 29,864 views 4,849 downloads

Armor Queens (Armor king cosplay for girls)


This mod contains THICC body proportions.

I was originally commissioned by ArmorkingTV to make this mod for master raven. Now he's letting me release this for everyone. So i ported them to the other girls. There's minor weight issues and the physics can be jank sometimes.

All of the girls are included in this mod with the exception of: - Julia (NOW INCLUDED)

  • Leo
  • Zafina
  • Alisa

There's also a moveset mod folder included,made by ArmorKingTV

Pick one or multiple .pak files and drag them onto your ~mods folder. This mod replaces bikini santa and knight helmet. Replaces santa costume and heihachi mask for josie.

Video preview (on master raven with moveset mod)