Noctis as 2B Mod (Kaine DLC Outfit Update)

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Uploaded at March 26, 2021 Updated at November 27, 2021 60,565 views 16,648 downloads

Noctis as 2B Mod (Kaine DLC Outfit Update)

It's just an update for the 2B mod for Noctis.

Original 2B mod by Fine AKA CastleDragonH:


  • Fixed voicemod volume;
  • Added announcer line saying "2B in the Character Select Screen (separate .pak file);
  • Changed name plates and all the portraits to 2B ones;
  • Fixed the invisible head issue for some costumes that wear hats or hoodies. By some unknown reason the hair becomes brown and uncolorable when using those costumes, so we have brown as default color to those costumes too;
  • Fixed decoration weapon/upper accessory (battery). It was equiping Asuka's Sacred Bow instead 2B weapon;
  • Improved hair materials;
  • Added Kaine's DLC outfit - Choose Kingly Raiment Costume or Preset 5.