Tekken 5 Reborn

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Uploaded at April 1, 2021 Updated at August 2, 2021 18,460 views 3,673 downloads

Tekken 5 Reborn

Tekken 5 Reborn is a graphics and sound overhaul that changes big parts of the game to make them look and sound as if they were part of Tekken 5.

Main Features:

  • Tekken 5 music included
  • Dragon's Nest stage and Dragon's Nest Tekken 5 music
  • Custom splash image
  • Custom startup logo screens
  • Replaced T7 intro with Tekken 5 intro
  • Tekken 5 style character select
  • Tekken 5 style side select
  • Tekken 5 style stage select
  • Tekken 5 announcer
  • Tekken 5 loading and saving icon
  • Tekken 5 style main menu and online menus
  • Tekken 5 style versus screen
  • Complete in game hud overhaul with antenna indicator, lifebars etc.

The mod does NOT include any character outfit mods. If you want to remove certain parts of the mod you can do that by just taking out that mod from your ~mods folder.

Installation: FIRST MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR SPLASH AND MOVIE FILES. Then paste the steamapps folder onto your steamapps folder and replace everything that it wants to replace and you are done.

( In case you didn't back up any files, delete the replaced ones from your game folders and verify via Steam to get the original files back.)


Character Select

Versus Screen

Side Select

Music Pack

Main Menu

Stage select

Tekken 5 Dragon's Nest stage