Lidia's Gi, Asuka Style - UPDATED 4/6/21

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Uploaded at April 5, 2021 Updated at May 30, 2023 6,605 views 1,280 downloads

Lidia's Gi, Asuka Style - UPDATED 4/6/21

Not a huge fan of Lidia, but I absolutely adore her outfit, so I decided to redo it for Asuka. The textures have been edited (an absolute pain redoing the bumpmapping btw--) to remove Lidia's logos and replace them with a few of Asuka's, including a little NJPW themed easter egg somewhere in there.

This mod replaces the Shrine Maiden top and the Military Pants items for Asuka, which removes at least one unfitting item from her loadout and, most importantly, allows this mod to be fully recolorable.

Huge thanks to @subhanuman for their absolutely fantastic porting and mesh editing guides. This never would've been possible without them.

Hope y'all enjoy!

UPDATE: Thanks to @TheRessen, this mod no longer conflicts with Lidia's textures!

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