LTG Announcer Mod

By Hengzt

Uploaded April 17th, 2021



Low Tier God Announcer Mod for Tekken 7

Announcements that got replaced: Round 1 to 4 Final Round Perfect Great Draw Double KO Time Up You win You lose Welcome to the king(...) when you enter character select Kazuya Announcement (not LTG) Eliza Announcement

Used quotes might have racial slurs included, I tried my best removing them but I might have overlooked something

Mod might create some issues or might not work at all when combined with other mods that affect the soundfile of universal sounds (I guess). So any hitsound mod or other announcer mods might clash with this one.

If you have any ideas for more replacements just shoot me a message on Modding Zaibatsu or Tekken Eu Discord server @Hengzt. Enjoy!

How to install: create a folder called ~mods in steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks and insert the unpacked .pak file To uninstall just delete it or remove "_P" in the files name


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147.7 MB

Upload Date:

April 17th, 2021