[Updated] King Double mask Mod (cool king mod)

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Uploaded at January 28, 2021 Updated at March 3, 2023 4,642 views 572 downloads

[Updated] King Double mask Mod (cool king mod)

Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=552T96VDvtI

UPDATED MOD 1.Fixed an issue with the mask in which some of it was missing. 2.Armor King Face does not disappear in any costume anymore. 3.Eye color is now consistently green and red.

Only KING is intended for This Mod

Due to the Nature of the texture map, a double mask could not be achieved by mere texture editing.So i made both kings half faced and put them together.the double mask will equip automatically (it replaces the Tail)

the link will be quite self explanatory on how it looks.........

Also, as optional items , you can equip bull horns and champion belt for armor king upper and lower default clothes.......they will clip through king's clothes so you can still costumize king as much as you wish BUT DO NOT COLOR THE HORNS OR BELT or your game will instantly freeze and crash. feel free to reverse engineer and share this mod :)