Skin (Steve) - Saitama. One Punch-Man

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By ponx

Uploaded May 19th, 2021




So I've heard a lot about how Paul is the true one Punch Man so I guess I'll be making another one for him after this (now don't get me wrong, I'm a Paul main myself but I just feel Steve looks a lot better for this. Try hitting the rage art you'll know what I mean).

Anywaaaay. It's a mod for Steve for a Saitama cosplay. I've changed the customization icons so you shouldn't have much trouble finding which ones to equip and here's the rundown.

INSTALLATION: 1. Extract the ZIP file 2. Copy/paste the file to your Steam Library (...\Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods) (If you don't have a folder named ~mods, just create one) 3. Go to the following Customization screen tab: a. Upper Body Tab: Union Jacket = Upper Body. The upper part of the costume. b. Lower Body Tab: Union Jacket = Lower Body. The lower part of his costume c. Hairstyle Tab: Max Wax Turtle = The bald head and cape. Don't worry, this shouldn't affect any other character that is using this hairstyle (well... It actually does but it's really so minor I couldn't figure out which part it affects) d. Hair Accessory : Creepy Head = An Add-On. The Dumb Head, or so I like to call it. Read below for more info.

PS: 1). You'll get 2 .pak files within the ZIP, the main file and the add-on. The Add-On is just the Dumb Head mod. 2). The reason why I release them in 2 separate files is because the Add-On will affect the Creepy Head item on all characters so if you have another character that is using it, you'll find that they'll be using Saitama's Dumb Head instead. So I released them separately so that you can make the decision whether to use it or not yourself. 3). As usual, let me know if you find any bug/glitch (a screenshot will make it way easier and faster for me to check)

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