TEKKEN 7 - Boss mods [Trainer]

By JanuMshkillz

Uploaded May 29th, 2021



Simple C# trainer made to bring you easy access to boss characters.

Update 1: -Program now reads all requirements from "requirements.txt" file. Done so in-order to make the tool self-sustaining. It would only require change in the text files to update the program to latest game versions. -Improved the code that searches for Move IDs on the basis of names.

  • The program automatically loads boss costumes (no pak files needed) and moves depending on the character and the costume you picked. Can also remove this check and allow boss moves to be obtained for all costumes.

  • Fully supports all offline modes and both sides (Left & Right)

  • Will sustain minor updates that do not change requirement indexes inside movelists.

  • Addresses can be updated from outside the program through the "addresses.txt" file.

  • Requirements can be updated from outside the program through the "requirements.txt" file [using kilo's moveset extractor]

  • Program is compatible with previous versions of the game (theoretically, all the way back to Season 2) granted you can provide all the necessary addresses and requirements.

Though I did test the program on more than one Computer but still if any error occurs, let me know.


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June 6th, 2021