TEKKEN 7 Bosses [Trainer v5.10]

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Uploaded at May 29, 2021 Updated at March 8, 2023 24,385 views 5,067 downloads

TEKKEN 7 Bosses [Trainer v5.10]

Simple C# trainer made to bring you easy access to boss characters.

Last Update: Optimization and cleaning of code.

Quick Note:

If HUD Icons don't work, do not panic. Rest of the trainer still works fine. v5.00 changed how presets work and I haven't figured out the solution yet.


0 - Copy the given PAK file in 'Optional' folder to your Tekken 7 mods folder [OPTIONAL STEP] 1 - Run the trainer (and just leave it) 2 - Run the game 3 - Pick preset with image of boss character (last preset for all characters) 4 - Enjoy

Preset Images (OPTIONAL)


Side-note: No Devil Kazumi preset image yet cuz I'm too noob to use something simple like photoshop.


  • The program automatically loads boss costumes (no pak files needed), HUD icons and moves depending on the character and the costume you pick. You can remove the costume check which allows boss moves to be obtained on any costume. (PS: Not having Final Devil form for Kazuya does not load all laser VFXs)

  • Fully supports all offline modes, both sides (Left & Right) AND Online Private lobby Player Match

  • Will sustain minor updates that do not change requirement indexes inside movelists.

  • Automatically loads HUD icons depending on the costume you picked. KAZUYA HEIHACHI

  • Addresses can be updated from outside the program through the "addresses.txt" file. Most addresses can be found in kilo's TekkenMovesetEditor program, in the 'game_addresses.txt'.

  • Program is compatible with previous versions of the game (theoretically, all the way back to Season 2) granted you can provide all the necessary addresses and requirements.

In case of any sort of error, let me know and I'll try to fix it. Thanks to my friend "YellowMotionYellowMotion" for the preset images and "StonerStoner" for making them into a PAK mod. Stoner: stoner_037#6153 My Discord: Alee#0310 My YouTube: AliK19AliK19