Gym Gigas 2.0

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Uploaded at June 22, 2021 2,193 views 793 downloads

Gym Gigas 2.0

Gym time is not over, but it is definitely time for a wardrobe upgrade! Show your opponents not only how to b+2 Vortex, but flex on them with your appearance aswell!

What changed: - The jacket and several other parts now have a "GIGAS" logo, which replaces the old "MARDUK" logo - Instead of casual sneakers, you can now enjoy your battles with Marduk's Timbs - I changed Gigas' standard red skin color to be black - Dumbbells are still not included

What to equip: - Mushroom Upper Body for the Jacket - Military Pants for the Pants (There are no feet on this item) - Steam Punk Glasses for the Boots (The item icons are colored green, so you can easily find them)

How to install the mod: Download the ".zip" file, find the "..._P.pak" file inside and copy it to this location ".../Tekken7/TekkenGame/Content/Paks/~mods". Done!