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Uploaded at June 24, 2021 Updated at June 24, 2021 2,850 views 458 downloads


Become the lord of deadside and embrace the darkness!

This is a tribute to Shadowman Remastered, which came out just recently for the PC.

Huge shoutouts and credit goes to Ultraboy, who made this mod possible by exporting the model out of the game. Thank you Ultraboy! Ultraboy on tekkenmods: Ultraboy on Deviantart:

How to use: - Equip the Bearded Man Suit Full Body outfit for Shadowman's full body - Equip the Knights Helmet to make Devil Jin's Head invisible - The white wings were made invisible, use them for the original Shadowman look

The mod is fully colorable.

How to install the mod: Download the ".zip" file, find the "..._P.pak" file inside and copy it to this location ".../Tekken7/TekkenGame/Content/Paks/~mods". Done!