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Regirock Gigas

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Uploaded at June 26, 2021 Updated at June 27, 2021 6,415 views 1,995 downloads

Regirock Gigas

Regirock has come to "rock throw" his way to TGO!

Give yourself the Poké-treatment you deserve and enjoy your Gigas in a new way!

You have the choice of either playing the original Regirock or to go for the crystal variation, both available within the same mod.

They can be equipped via the Full Body Items. They are marked accordingly.

The non-crystal version is fully colorable.


Huge shoutouts to the artists, who created the songs in my mod release video:

YouTube: Bliitzit

The song I used was: Pokemon All Trainer Battle Themes Remixed GEN 1-7 (MEDLEY)

YouTube: Qumu

The outro song was: Pokémon Center [Remix]

Huge credit goes to the person who exported the 3D model out of Pokémon X and Y. The 3D Model was exported by Deviant Art user 'SporemanJake':

How to install the mod: Download the ".zip" file, find the "..._P.pak" file inside and copy it to this location ".../Tekken7/TekkenGame/Content/Paks/~mods". Done!