Tekken 7 Bound Mod UPDATED

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Uploaded at August 9, 2021 Updated at May 24, 2022 9,536 views 1,739 downloads

Tekken 7 Bound Mod UPDATED

Bound has returned for all characters! Previous bound moves from previous games are NOW Bounds! Even New Characters from Tekken 7 have bound moves! All 51 characters are accounted for, This mod does require the Tekken Moveset Extractor

easy steps, extract mod into the folder extracted_char in your Moveset extractor folder, if the folder isn't there, make a new folder with the exact same name.

Once you've gotten it in, Update the character list and select the Character you wish to play, then simply Import To P1 or P2 depending on which side you're playing on!

NEW CHANGES ADDED! Moves that didn't bound before now bound, older moves from previous games added! I left all the details in a read me within the file! Be sure to have fun! Tag me in any combo videos you guys do!