Miss All Sunday Zafina

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Uploaded at August 14, 2021 Updated at August 14, 2021 9,865 views 2,090 downloads

Miss All Sunday Zafina

Nico Robin Has come to Tekken 7!!!

Well,sort of. At least the costume is here. Big thanks to Bossman Meesta_AJ for commissioning this mod.

This mod includes the following items:

Miss all sunday's fur coat (replaces one of the flower t shirt):

Very soft to the touch. Super comfy to wear. 10/10 recommended. Might not be a good idea to wear this in the middle of summer tho.

Miss all sunday's super shiny bra (replaces one of the flower t shirt):

It's like item number one,but without the coat. It has a gold medal thingy on the left arm and some frills. A better choice for summer time.

Miss all sunday's fur shoes and extra super magnificiently shiny fringed skirt (replaces kungfu pants):

A hat (replaces onimask):

All items are colorable and are compatible with almost all vanilla items,so you can mix and match I personally like this bra and office pants combo:

Preview pics incoming:

Model credits: Entire costume except for hat: Me Hat (retextured): https://www.deviantart.com/sticklove/art/Nico-Robin-Miss-... stage mod used in the previews: https://www.deviantart.com/9876789/art/127-STARRY-NIGHT-I...

Send me a message on twitter if you would like to commission a mod.