HUD with SS and Command throw breaks

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Uploaded August 27th, 2021

Updated November 15th, 2021



I created this for myself when i was learning how to sidestep/break throws and found it annoying to have to check the relevant info for every new opponent. This is only a UI mod, there are no notifications or any real time info on when to sidestep or break throws. You would still need to practice them as you would any other skill in Tekken. All the info provided can be easily found online, i just compiled it into a UI for ease of access.

I do not own any of the character art used and found them online. If you are the creator of any images used, do contact me so i can credit you for it or take it down if you do not wish for it to be shared. Thank you for your awesome artwork.


There are no weaker sides. You sidestep a particular move not a character but for beginners you would want to sidestep to the "suggested" side of the character as per the UI suggestion. If you fight Kazuya and you sidestep to the left then you are probably safe from most of his moves (SSL = Sidestep to your Left side). Some of it might be weak to the opposite side but you will learn these as you play more.

The goal for now is to get used to the idea of sidestepping in matches and that's what this mod provides.

Throw Breaks

Eg: Lidia only has one command throw that can be broken with 1+2 and 2 generic throws that can be broken with either 1 or 2, so now you know that throwbreak against lidia is either 1+2 or 2

You would still need to practice and get used to the animation of the throw breaks. The UI just provides the number of throws an opponent can use against you.

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